JOT Agency is a music PR company that offers promotion to Radio, Press, Blogs and Spotify in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. 

We have weekly meetings with music directors and DJ’s at national radio, we pitch to printed and online press, blogs, official and user Spotify playlists and have an extensive network of regional and local media.

We run full scale promo campaigns for major and independent records labels.   With the same enthusiasm we introduce a new artists to the scene or arrange radio performances to strengthen a tour.


Independent and signed artists by the likes of James Morrison (UK), Jamie Lawson (UK), Michael Prins (NL), Above & Beyond (UK), Taska Black (B), Birgit Schuurman (NL), The Academic (IE), Maverick Sabre (UK), Sandra van Nieuwland (NL), Yori Swart (NL), Eddy Zoey (NL) and many more…

Record and distribution labels like Warner, BMG, The Orchard, M.A.R.S. Worldwide, STMPD, Zip, King Forward Records, Heartselling, Rubyworks, Anjunabeats, Bitbird and many more.

Please check out our roster to find out more.